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My Father Has Been Diagnosed with NASOPHARYNGEAL CANCER, Now What?

Posted by: JAMES COX (CEO, Paramount Health Resources, Inc.)

Three years after my mothers death, my father has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. After her passing, he vowed that he would be with her soon. I am publishing this 5 years after his death which occurred on February 1, 2011, because it has taken me this long to talk about the process that he was forced to participate in within the various sectors of health care that I was an integral part of, helped develop, monitor and manage. The journey that I’m about to speak of will probably make most of you anxious, cry, laugh, pray, gasp, scream with frustration for this 67 year old man but most of all grab hold of your family and never let them go.

During the next few months I will tell you about the love that I once had for health care, and how I just knew that all would be good. Why else would it not be.. I know this health care industry and all that it has to offer at so many levels..

Be prepared, be ready to learn, and most of all be ready to know what you need to know as 10,000 people every day will turn 65 for the next 20 years..

Stay tuned in!